• State Auditor’s report paints an ugly portrait of the Courts Case Management System

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    Highlights from State Auditor Elaine Howle report:

    • Cost estimates have increased by over 700% going from $260 million in 2004 to nearly $1.9 billion in 2010.
    • Over the course of seven years, the AOC entered into 102 contract amendments and increased the cost of systems integrator Deloitte’s contract from $33 million to $310 million.
    • The estimated date for complete deployment has been pushed back by seven years from fiscal year 2008–09 to fiscal year 2015–16
    • Independent oversight and IVV by Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting, Inc. applied to late, inconsistently, with a lack of rigor, and perhaps sounding the death knell
    • A majority of the courts believe their current case management systems will serve them for the foreseeable future.

    Otherwise everything’s fine.

    The last bullet is most telling. The courts are not planning to adopt the new system.

    Reminds me of the old Child Support System we had to terminate back in 1998. When users refuse to use the system, project is unlikely to be revived.  Let’s see how the Brown Administration handles a failing (failed?) computer project.

    One point. Report states that IV&V and IPO were instituted in 2003. Not accurate. As State CIO, our department institutionalized IV&V and IPO in late nineties, issuing a Management Memo requiring it on all major projects, and withholding project budget if not properly in place. Obviously, that MM was disregarded… or perhaps discarded. This story, as they say, is developing…

    Plenty more here.

    Brief Report | Full Report (PDF) | Fact Sheet (PDF)


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