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    As you know TechLeader.TV is taking a broad scythe to state IT spending on today’s Webcast, along with some new, innovative applications of IT analytical tools to prevent/recover improper and fraudulent state payments of benefits, and other programs.

    Now it’s you turn. Use the comment field below, anonymously if you like, to send us your ideas. It’s often the folks in the trenches, state employees and contractors, who have the greatest insight in terms of improving government efficiency.

    We promise to review and publish them all, unless asked to keep confidential.

    Enjoy the show…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Fi$CAL has got to go! Bloated staffing filled with deadwood “business experts” cast off by their departments with their salaries masked. Supervisor designated managers drawing the extra pay for the title but supervising nothing but the morning cup of coffe while reading the newspaper and waiting for the clock to hit 4:30pm. get rid of ’em all!

    2. Anonymous says:

      The State of CA could stop payment on all current IT contracts from 3/31/11 to 6/31/11 (90 days) due to insufficient funds (current deficit). Contractors would use this ‘contract furlough’ to come to the departments/agencies to show how and why their contracts meet with relevant government codes, including, but not limited to, the government codes that differentiate between civil service and contract work. Acceptable contracts could be re-instated starting July 1,2011. All unacceptable contracts would be voided. The State Personnel Board has some public records regarding unacceptable contracts.

    3. Anonymous says:

      I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned Social Service’s CMIPS II project. More than a year behind schedule, over budget and in general disarray.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Where is the money going to come from for the server consolidation and other efforts required by AB2408? The Technology Agency has stated that there will be saving but no one has seen the analysis that has been done. There is alot of upfront cost for consolidation and the data center costs are very high.

      • Anonymous says:

        AB2408 is going to cost millions of dollars not save money as Quinlan stated. Stating there will be a savings requires a fiscal analysis be done to show where the savings will come from. There was no financial analysis included with the Bill when it went through the legislature. This bill is costing my departing an additional 400K to 700K annually and we are very small compared to most departments. I’m sure a large department like Public Health will spend millions annually on this requirement. At every meeting CIO’s ask who is going to pay for this and they are not provided with any answer.

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