• If we are going to raise taxes, let’s make government as efficient and lean as possible.

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    Every time I begin to weaken and think that taxes have to be part of the solution to California’s $27 billion budget deficit, I see stories like these:

    Governor Brown will hit the road this week to “mobilize support” for higher taxes.

    Gov. Jerry Brown has appointed former Sacramento City Councilwoman Lauren Hammond to a six-figure job on the state Gambling Control Commission.

    I certainly couldn’t put it any better than a commenter at the SacBee’s Capitol Alert:

    We need higher taxes so useless, do-nothing, bureaucrats like Lauren Hammond can earn six-figures. From what I’ve seen of her performances at city council meetings, she couldn’t make $10/hr in the private sector.

    Governor Brown:

    Perhaps you should eliminate the six figure sinecures for the likes of Hammond, and Migden, and the Republicans, too; plus the legislators’ cars and per diem, and all the other blatant waste before you “hit the road” to ask voters to support higher taxes.

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