• Adrian Farley Out as Acting Director at California OTech. New State CIO Carlos Ramos asks Nancy Johnson to assume Acting role. First Major Shakeup Accompanies Appointment of New State CIO.

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    TechLeader.TV has learned that Carlos Ramos has asked Nancy Johnson to take over as Acting Director of Office of Technology Services (OTech) within the California Technology Agency (CTA). Johnson, until now Chief Deputy Director at OTech will continue in that role as well.

    TLTV sources within and outside state government tell us that Adrian was informed about the change a week and a half ago. This afternoon we noticed that the OTech website reflects these changes.

    State of California IT followers in both the government and vendor community have been widely speculating about the impact of new State CIO Carlos Ramos who assumed his position just a few weeks ago. Well, we received our first clear message this week, that major changes are on the way, as the second most prominent position after the State CIO, the Directorship of OTech, apparently will change leadership.

    Farley served at Acting Director at OTech since May 2010, the first acting head of OTech as part of Governor Schwarzenegger’s IT Reorganization Plan to consolidate statewide information technology functions under the California Technology Agency.

    Adrian has a long portfolio in state government including stints with the Office of the Chief Information Officer, Chief Procurement Officer at the Department of General Services, Chief Deputy Secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency and as Deputy Cabinet Secretary.

    I met Adrian for the first time during Governor Schwarzenegger’s California Performance Review efforts to transform state operations, especially through the use of technology to modernize the structure of state government. He has been a favorite on TechLeader.TV having garnered the coveted honor as a repeat guest over the last year. His leadership, savvy and sharp intellect have always been impressive, (and who can overlook that marvelous sense of humor); and we wish him well.

    His immediate plans are unclear but we were told that he continues wearing a number of hats within the CTA, and  we understand his status in the state personnel system affords him the opportunity to stay in state service, probably within DGS or the Technology Agency.

    1. Anonymous says:

      As an employee at OTech, we really will miss Adrian’s leadership.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Oh please! Flatter him more!

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