• State of Minnesota IT Consolidation begins this week

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    The North Star State has join a growing number of states including California who are centralizing their governance model and consolidating their operations and infrastructure. In the case of Minnesota, their new Office of Enterprise Technology, like the California Technology Agency, will be the 800 pound IT gorilla. In fact, OET will also be assimilating all agency IT CIO’s and staff as well into the new organization. Something Teri Takai could only dream about. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Couple stories here:

    Minnesota Pursues Consolidation of IT Services and Staff

    Government Technology: The budget agreement this summer that ended Minnesota’s nearly three-week government shutdown resulted in legislation that will consolidate the state’s IT services and staff.

    The new legislation will require all IT staff from Minnesota’s 70-plus agencies to move to the state’s Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) — the state’s central IT organization, said Cathy de Moll, the OET’s director of planning, communications and marketing. Once the consolidation is complete, the OET will have 1,800 employees — an increase from its current 350-person headcount.

    Information technology consolidation begins Aug. 20; FAQ addresses questions

    As a result of recent legislation that consolidates all state government information technology (IT) systems, effective Aug. 20, agency CIOs will report directly to Carolyn Parnell, the state chief information officer. Additionally, all IT staff, as well as the supervisors, managers, project managers, business analysts, developers, architects, help desk, administrative support, data base administrators, security staff and those whose work primarily involves supporting IT will be transferred to the Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) effective Oct. 1.

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