• Telework for State Employees could save billions – but don’t hold your breath

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    As TechLeader.TV has often pointed out, state employee telework, working from home a few days per week, could have immediate and significant savings financially as well as environmentally. A new study referenced today by Jon Ortiz points this out in his State Worker column:

    Study: Telework could save California billions of dollars

    A new study concludes that California could save $1.5 billion annually if employees with jobs that could be done from home would telework two days per week.

    The company’s estimate of twice-weekly telework benefits to California government, its employees and the state’s environment include:

    • $800 million in increased productivity
    • $170 million in real estate savings
    • $500 million in absenteeism and turnover costs
    • 400,000 barrels of oil valued at $33 million
    • 75,000 tons of greenhouse gases–the equivalent of taking almost 14,000 vehicles permanently off the road
    • 163 million vehicle miles and the related road maintenance costs
    • Improved continuity of operations in the event of a disaster

    The Federal government actually “requires” agencies to implement telework and even has their own website: Telework.gov.

    Doubt we’ll see it here any time soon. Last thing the government union bosses want is their faithful dues paying members offsite and away from their watchful eyes.

    Governor Brown’s well intentioned but misguided (though popular with the public) cell phone confiscation policy won’t help matters either.

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