• USAJOBS – Obama Administration’s IT “Insourcing” Problem; Plus Veterans Job Bank Outsourced; and Transparency or Lack thereof

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    The reports continue to lambast the Administration’s ill-fated effort to bring in house its previously highly applauded federal job posting website:

    “The Obama administration was heavily criticized when its federal job posting website, USAJOBS 3.0, crashed upon launch. After all, the administration is all about jobs, jobs, jobs. Rather than go “cloud-first” — in theory, an administration mandate since 2009 — the Office of Personnel Management, the government’s human resources shop, decided to develop software “by government, for government.” The result? A monumental digital disaster. Hundreds of thousands of frustrated users. Millions in wasted taxpayer dollars.”

    Apparently this won’t happen with the new veterans job portal:

    “Using its “Joining Forces” banner, the administration, Google, and LinkedIn teamed to create a solution to push job information out to veterans via free jobs websites. It pairs with Department of Labor data to push even more information directly targeted to the people who need it most, unemployed veterans. It is called the Veterans Job Bank, which is currently in Beta test mode.”


    The crux of Linda E. Brooks Rix’s Huff Post Tech article:

    “The Veterans Job Bank rides the private sector for its innovation and the digital media culture for its free delivery system — providing smart, specific, and accessible information to the right audience at exactly the right time. USAJOBS, in contrast, saddles users with the responsibility of extracting the right information from a sea of data. It’s everything we hate about institutional software. It forces consumers through a digital corn maze that relies on the user’s labor to make it work. OPM and the USAJOBS team have created a platform so counterintuitive, so lacking in user engagement, that it has no answer but to blame the users themselves.”

    Read the whole article here.

    Interesting food for thought here as most government jurisdiction’s especially the State of California struggle with not only social media’s role but perhaps more importantly “big data” , and citizens access to it – the transparency issue; now at risk due to the Brown Administration’s myopic decision last week to shut down the state’s transparency web site. We’ll have more on this issue soon…

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