• State Controller’s $370 million Payroll System Issues Erroneous State Employee Checks, Falls Behind Schedule (again)

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    When discussing success rates it is instructive to understand the context. For example, you may consider the fact that if a SF Giant’s baseball player fails in two of three at bats over his career, he will likely be enshrined in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. Failure in one in three at bats, and that player will be having his saliva checked, for sure. And, a failure ratio of one in three also raises a major red flag…when it comes to a payroll system.

    Unfortunately, our problem plagued state government payroll system, the State Controller’s 21st Century Project, aka MyCalPays, now in its second decade of implementation, apparently is issuing inaccurate paychecks to one out of three state employees. And it’s caused quite a mess.

    That’s right. In its inaugural debut this summer, in a phased-in payroll system rollout affecting just 1,300 employees in the Controller’s Office, over 400 paychecks had calculation errors in terms of pay scales, deductions and net pay.

    Now apparently the contractor responsible for this project is in trouble, and there’s talk of replacing them with a new systems integrator (again). The incumbent prime contractor in jeopardy, Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung (or SAP) based in Waldorf, Germany (yes, I know, our State of California payroll system), SAP had actually replaced the original systems integrator Bearingpoint which was kick off the project in 2009 due to non-performance and corporate bankruptcy. Oy vey ist mir!

    The second phase of the payroll system rollout involving some 15,000 state employees and scheduled for September 2012 had to be postponed. No word yet on the new schedule or the fate of prime contractor. Developing…

    1. Rachel Machado says:

      How do I contact your company/office?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Saps hiring SAPS. How droll.


      I wonder if parallel testing could have found these discrepancies? Parallel testing was promised when the SCO employees were told they were going to be the ‘saps’ used in the first phased. At some point that promise was broken. Where is the union in all this.

    4. anonymous says:

      How many millions more have to be spent before the Department of Finance and California Technology Agency figure out that SCO ‘s leadership team is ineffective and inexperienced (if not completely incompetent). Note the comment above regarding parallel testing. The state Project manager gave that one away. This is the second significant project delay under [SCO management] leadership. SAP has responsibility but when do we hold SCO responsible?

    5. StateEmp#1000000 says:

      Yup, during the first IT meeting with other departments SCO couldn’t answer 2/3 of our questions regarding implementation, compatability, rollback, security, etc etc etc. This was obviously a rush job and got ‘postponed indefinately’ shortly after our meeting… after other dept IT managers started asking questions… hum…

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    7. observer says:

      You can have no idea how messed up the 21st Century Project/MyCalPays is. Month after month California State Controller employees are not being paid properly, corrections are not being made or when made create even more errors. Incorrect tax, social society, retirement deductions are taken from employees pay but there is no telling whether the money is actually being sent out in the employees name. W2s have now been issued and do not match what employees were paid or what was deducted or anything at all. Just numbers. And no one will shut down this MyCalPays system and get these employees back on the older system that still works for all other California state employees.

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