• DOD CIO Teri Takai called out for lack of transparency, GAO Report says

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    U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) cites federal agencies for underestimating risk on Federal IT Dashboard, and specifically calls out TechLeader.TV friend and former California CIO Teri Takai.

    According to an article in FCW, “DOD CIO Teresa Takai is named in a GAO report alleging that DOD has not been transparent about its high-risk IT investments…The GAO report analyzed how six agency CIOs rated a majority of IT investments found on the Federal IT Dashboard, a government website set up in 2009 that reports real-time cost, schedule and performance data for about $40 billion in agencies’ annual IT spending. ”

    ‘ From March 2009 to June 2012, DOD rated none of its 87 investments totaling $13 billion as high risk or moderately high risk, but the GAO disagreed with those findings.   “DOD is masking significant investment risks, has not employed its own risk management guidance, and has not delivered the transparency intended by the Dashboard,” the report states.’

    See FCW article here.



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