• STATE PAYROLL SYSTEM: TAKE IT AWAY FROM CONTROLLER’S OFFICE: My article is up today in the San Diego Union Tribune

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    My primary points;

    After three separate controllers’ efforts, the last two having spent more than a decade in procurement and implementation efforts outlined above, the sine qua non ingredient for a new, successful project is the removal of responsibility for payroll and the new payroll system from the Controller’s Office. The controller is the state’s chief fiscal officer charged with ensuring the state’s $100 billion budget is spent properly. Couldn’t the controller, the fiscal watchdog, be more strategically focused? The controller should not be running a payroll system, let alone building a new one whose budget has grown from $130 million in 2003 to $375 million today.

    … the FTB has a solid reputation for successfully managing large technology projects, and even rescuing complex, problematic, even canceled IT projects which were initially run by other departments.This last point is critical. I am not suggesting an unproven pathway; on the contrary. When I was the state’s first chief information officer in the late 1990s, I canceled the $300 million child support project being managed within the health and welfare agency. As a federally mandated program, we had to resurrect it, and to do so we turned to the department with the best reputation in the state for successfully managing large IT projects – FTB. That system is up and running today.

    Here’s the whole article: State payroll system: Take it away from controller’s office

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