• TechLeader.TV with Ron Hughes, Director, California Office of Technology Services, APR 11, 2013

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     Next Program with

    Ron Hughes

    Director, California

    Office of Technology Services

    Live Webcast
    Hosted By John Thomas Flynn
    with Special Guest

    Ron Hughes

    Ron Hughes was appointed Director of the Office of Technology Services (OTech) in April of 2012. OTech has over 800 employees and a $300 million budget, larger than entire IT budget of some 40 states. Prior to joining OTech, Ron was the President of the California Data Center Design Group, a data center engineering and consulting firm where he was responsible for the design of  data centers in the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. His state service includes the Stephen P. Teale Data Center and State Controller’s Office. Some of the issues we’ll be covering include: 

    • A Federated Data Center Status Report  
    • OTech’s Cloud Strategy and Initiatives 
    • What’s the latest on those OTech Rates?
    • An update on the Email Initiatives 
    • What about Disaster Recovery? 

    These and other related issues will be on our agenda.

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