• The Government Surveillance Story Keeps Getting Bigger. First, It’s NSA; Now it’s the DMV???

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    Now it’s the turn of state motor vehicle agencies and the police. Apparently California not one of the 26 states participating…

    “The faces of more than 120 million people are in searchable photo databases that state officials assembled to prevent driver’s-license fraud but that increasingly are used by police to identify suspects, accomplices and even innocent bystanders in a wide range of criminal investigations. The facial databases have grown rapidly in recent years and generally operate with few legal safeguards beyond the requirement that searches are conducted for

    Thirty-seven states now use ­facial-recognition technology in their driver’s-license registries, a Washington Post review found. At least 26 of those allow state, local or federal law enforcement agencies to search — or request searches — of photo databases in an attempt to learn the identities of people considered relevant to investigations.‘law enforcement purposes.’”

    See full article here: State photo-ID databases become troves for police.

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