• Here’s One Way to Eliminate Malware…Fed CIO Destroys PC’s, Printers, even Mice!

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    I guess this is one way to fix the problem, at least for the Economic Development Administration (EDA), an agency in the Department of Commerce:

    $170,000 of PCs, printers, keyboards, cameras, and mice destroyed in gross overreaction.

    EDA’s CIO [Chuck Benjamin], fearing that the agency was under attack from a nation-state, insisted instead on a policy of physical destruction. The EDA destroyed not only (uninfected) desktop computers but also printers, cameras, keyboards, and even mice. The destruction only stopped—sparing $3 million of equipment—because the agency had run out of money to pay for destroying the hardware.

    Full story here:  US agency baffled by modern technology, destroys mice to get rid of viruses

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