• California Department of Technology, Chief Deputy Director Paul Benedetto Retiring

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    TLTV learned today that our friend and former TLTV guest Paul Benedetto will be retiring in September. Two years ago, Paul was appointed Under Secretary of Operations at the former California Technology Agency, now the California Department of Technology,

    Paul has 30 years of experience in public service. Prior to the Technology Agency, Paul was Director and Chief Deputy Director of the Office of Systems Integration. He has held positions on various boards and committees, and his public service career has spanned broadly across government departments including numerous state agencies and constitutional offices where he has held multiple managerial and executive management positions.

    He also served on Governor Schwarzenegger’s California Performance Review as part of the Acquisition Reform Team. This was a statewide effort to restructure, reorganize and reform state government.

    Paul’s retirement announcement follows the recent one of State CIO Carlos Ramos’ other Undersecretary, Anna Brannen.


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