• Latest State IT Reforms Issued: Mostly Familiar, But Hints at Recreating OSI under New Technology Department; Ghost of Teri Takai?

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    The latest state IT reform commission (the 27th, by TechLeader.TV’s calculation), the Task Force on Re-engineering IT Procurement for Success issued its report today  Recommendations to Improve Large Information Technology Procurements: A Road Map for Success in California. The task force and its report are the result of the latest cancellation of the Controller’s $357 million 21st Century payroll project, and intended to again to improve the State’s information technology procurement, proposal evaluation and vendor management.

    TLTV is still digesting the content but perhaps the most significant recommendation involves the creation of an HHS Office Of Systems Integration unit within the Technology Agency, now reorganized (deplorably) as the new California Department of Technology (CalTech). In fact, the report comes tantalizing close to recommending that OSI itself be moved over to CalTech. One can only surmise that task force member, U.S. Department of Defense CIO, and former State CIO Teri Takai continues to impact State of California IT consolidation and centralization even some 3,000 miles away. God bless her heart.

    More on the report after our  perusal…Now, let the Senate Hearing begin!

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