• California Benefits Fraud Prevention Could Obviate Need for Tax Increases

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    Jon Coss, CEO of Pondera Solutions, a Folsom-based company that provides fraud-detection data services to government agencies throughout the United States penned a very interesting article in the Sacramento Business Journal last month.

    We noted this issue on the website many times over the years, even had a show on the topic with California Department of Healthcare Services’ and Attorney General’s officials. Still, we feel there is a lot more that could be done.

     Our $100 billion problem: benefits fraud: That’s how much money our public benefit programs — Social Security, welfare, Medicaid, and Medicare — lose every single year to fraudulent and “improperly distributed” payments. Even more shocking: It is a highly conservative estimate.

    This means roughly that the State of California’s share of this is over $10 billion a year. Another conservative estimate. Almost twice as much as was raised with new taxes over the last year.

    Read the full story here.


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