• Lt. Governor Doesn’t Disappoint: Technology, Culture, Politics, Transparency, Open Data, Energizing State Bureaucracy, High Speed Rail and More…

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    JTF GNWe welcomed Gavin Newsom to TechLeader.TV yesterday before a live audience of state program and technology officials, our sponsors and a few other guests, plus over 1,600 viewers watching the show’s online Webcast, setting a new record for viewership on TLTV.

    The Lt. Governor as our heading indicates was enlightening, refreshing, and entertaining, hitting on a plethora of topics in a candid interview with host John Thomas Flynn.

    The discussion was often framed with references to the LG’s recent book: Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government

    We hope you’ll take time to watch the VOD now available here.

    1. Archie Alimagno, CISO says:

      Hi John,

      Just wanted to tell you that the broadcast yesterday was great. It certainly one that I can appreciate seeing that many of my colleagues and co-workers have had great ideas but due to the system (bureaucracy, legacy or otherwise) has now become status quo employees. I’m glad to see that some State leaders are trying to make a change Again, appreciate all the hard work and the continued flow of good information.

      Archie Alimagno, CISO
      Information Technology Division-SAC
      State of California

    2. Alan Friedman says:


      I watched the program live… You and Newsom were awesome!


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