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    TLTV Logo

    TechLeader.TV Host John Thomas Flynn California’s 1st CIO Massachusetts’ 1st CIO NASCIO President

    In September 2014 TLTV began its eighth season with a stellar line-up of topics and guests, presented LIVE in streaming video format straight to our viewers’ computers, and is also broadcast on Access Sacramento Cable TV throughout the Sacramento valley.

    Teri Takai
    Former CA CIO

    WWW. TechLeader.TV

    TLTV is the nation’s first TV Program and video webcast focused exclusively on public sector IT & politics.

    Broadcasting monthly to over 5,000 State & Local Government IT and program officials

    Featuring Live TLTV Guest Interviews with State & Local Gov’t. Technology Leadership

    Since TechLeader.TV’s initial broadcast in August 2007 with Flynn and guest California State CIO Clark Kelso, over 400,000 visitors have viewed 1.5 million pages visiting out site and watching TLTV.

    Carlos Ramos
    California CIO

    TechLeader.TV Webcasts examine and probe California’s investment and management of its IT assets.


    Our show is watched by thousands of government program and IT leaders in California, NASCIO, and throughout the country, as well as the IT vendor community.

    Gavin Newsom
    Ca Lt. Governor

    Clark Kelso
    Ca Prison Health Care

    James Butler
    Ca Chief Procurement Officer

    Adrian Farley


    Our monthly, live programs run from 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM PT at our studio at Access.Sacramento Cable Studios at 4625 T Street in Sacramento, plus it is available as video on demand after the show, and is also carried on Access Cable TV throughout the Sacramento Valley.

    Most significantly, TLTV is broadcast live in front of a small, invitation-only audience comprising state IT and program leaders, and our sponsors, and is followed by a private, catered luncheon at the studio with our guest, IT officials and our sponsors.

    For more information and sponsorship rates, please contact:

    John Thomas Flynn jtflynn@fkanda.net 916-712-3545
    Jeff Kossick jkossick@fkanda.net 916-705-6342

    1. As one of the newest Certified California Small Businesses and CMAS contract holder, I have looked for people and venues to learn more about the challenge we have helping to reduce our state’s IT expenses. I was delighted to discover an older broadcast, Jan 2015, with both Marnell Voss & Jim Butler. I have contacted both, previously, and was pleasantly surprised to see how communicative they are to even the least of their vendor community – me! I also felt like I got to know them a little better from your great interview. 🙂

      As one of only three Address Management software developer/vendors in the US for large volume mailers on the IBM Mainframe, and the only one in California, we have a lot to learn about the things you obviously know in depth. I see there are other “shows” from which I believe I can learn even more about serving my state through your very experienced history and excellent interviews.

      I think TechLeader.TV is one of the best discoveries I could have ever made!

      Not just to help our business goals; but to learn about how California government works … at the levels you bring to light.

      Thank you very much, John.

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