• Sacramento Disabled Parking Abusers Could be Targeted by New Business Intelligence Solution

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    Ever try to find an open parking meter in downtown Sacramento, especially around state office buildings. Good luck. Often times entire blocks are taken up by cars with disabled placards sitting at meters for the entire day. Certainly we have no quarrel with the legitimate users, but with one in ten California drivers with a placard, and with fraud so high, investigation and tougher enforcement are certainly warranted.

    As reported on CBS last year, Surge In Disabled Parking Placard Use Allows More Room For Placard Abuse, with video.

    Sacramento has one disabled parking task force officer, whose identity we’ve agreed not to reveal. “They’re using their parents’ or their friends’ and they’re using it to park for free,” the officer said. Handicapped placards make drivers exempt from paying in metered parking spaces.

    He’s memorized almost all of the cars parked in downtown Sacramento with valid disabled parking placards. Those drivers can park as long as they’d like, even at meters with a one-hour limit.  It’s his job to spot the offenders, and there are plenty of them.  “There’s a placard on pretty much every vehicle,” he said. “Lot of state employees, lot of people at the Capitol.”

    Now hi-tech help is on the way…

    The growing illegal use of disabled person permits and placards is causing lawmakers to take a fresh look at how to best address the problem. Increases in placard issuance, limited disabled parking spaces, abuse of free parking spots, time limits, patrol shortages, and lack of innovative technologies for enforcement are among the challenges facing U.S cities and law enforcement. In the State of California, one in every ten drivers is issued a placard, with 2.5 million placards currently in use. Sacramento area-based, Pondera Solutions, announced today the launch of the first in the nation high-tech platform to combat disabled parking permit and placard fraud, a rampant issue in cities nationwide.

     See full story here: Pondera Solutions creates powerful tool to track and stop those who violate public trust by illegally using disabled parking permits.

    Can’t wait to see it put to work…

    Now if someone would go after the 1,000,000 state & local government officials in California, yes, that’s 1 million government employees with the special license plates which shield them from traffic tickets, HOV & bridge tolls, and afford them other types of  “professional courtesy” from law enforcement.

    See The Orange County Register story here.

    Ecrasez l’infame…

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