• Highlights from Techleader.TV Appearance by State CIO Carlos Ramos

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    Here are some of the highlights from CIO Ramos’s interview last week watched LIVE online by over 1,000 viewers:

    Carlos Ramos – September 25, 2014

    • Outlines CalCloud’s Exemption Policy;
    • Says State Should Get Out of eMail Business, Sounding Death Knell for State Hosted CA.Mail??;
    • Explains New Consulting and Oversight Organizations within CalTech;
    • Discusses Plans & Timetables for CalNet3 Final Categories;
    • Still loves Dallas Cowboys…

    Watch VOD of TechLeader.TV interview here.

    And plan to watch our next show: TechLeader.TV with Davood Ghods, Chief of the Office of Technology Services (OTech); OCT 30, 2014 at 11:30 AM PT


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