• State Auditor Reports Troubling FI$CAL Rollout

    January 9th, 2015 by admin Categories: Blogs Tags: , , , , ,

    The state’s giant, new $700 million financial system, FI$CAL, had its first, staged rollout or Wave on July 1, 2014. Until now little had been heard about its success; however, a new State Auditor report released today expressed some significant concerns. Apparently over half the expected departments in Wave 1 were postponed to Wave 4 in 2017 (a three delay),

    Specifically, deployment of FI$Cal’s accounting function at the California State Board of Equalization and California Department of Justice was pushed back three years to Wave 4. These two departments represent 779 out of 1,341 users or 58 percentof total planned Wave 1 users.

    and FI$CAL was not able to produce the Governor’s new budget released today, as had been planned.




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