• It’s No Breeze. Consumer Affairs BreEZe Project Status Report Troubling

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    breezeThe California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) which certifies or licenses almost 2.5 million practitioners in over 240 occupations, is facing renewed scrutiny over its management and implementation of the new, mission critical BreEZe Online Services Project. According to the Project’s latest status report on the State CIO’s Web Site for December 2014, the budget has now more than tripled to almost $100, and its status dashboard has changed from Green to Yellow, never a good sign.

    Initial users in the first phase or “wave” of the implementation from eight DCA boards were reported to be frustrated; the remaining 30 boards may be reluctant to convert over to the new system. There are reports that the licensing process itself now takes longer under the new system, and due to problems, new users are running both old and new systems.

    The project vendor, systems integrator Accenture, whose budget was originally estimated to be only $12 million is now projected at $51 million, and could reach $70 million over the next decade.


    1. Anonymous says:

      While you did comment that the cost nearly tripled, to close to $100 million, you did not explain that with that cost increase, the number of boards being moved into the new system dropped from 39 to 18. Also, the maintenance costs tripled for the new system and, because not all boards are being converted, there is also the $3.8 million per year for the systems that were to be retired.

      Don’t forget the BSA Report is due to the Legislature in a week or two.

    2. Ryan says:

      Accenture, 3x over budget, crap deliverables? Clearly must be some mistake.

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