• Quod erat demonstrandum: State Auditor Slams BreEZe Project, nearly 200 significant oversight concerns ignored

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    As TechLeader.TV reported recently, BreEZe isn’t EZ or a breeze.

    The State Auditor issued a report today which blasted the project’s planning, contracting, management and oversight:

    …the BreEZe project has been plagued with performance problems, significant delays, and escalating costs, which based on a January 2015 estimate were $96 million—more than triple the original cost estimate—for implementation of a system at only half of the regulatory entities originally planned for BreEZe.

    Highlights (or lowlights):

    (Consumer Affairs) relied on faulty assumptions in selecting a commercial “off-the-shelf ” system as the foundation for BreEZe, which contributed to an increase in project costs—from $28 million in 2009 to $96 million as of January2015 for half of the entities originally planned.

    and perhaps most damning:

    Between December 2010 and September2014, the California Department of Technology’s (CalTech) independent oversight raised nearly 180 significant project concerns, yet both CalTech and Consumer Affairs’ officials allowed the project to continue without significant intervention.

    Full report here: Inadequate Planning and Oversight Led to Implementation at Far Fewer Regulatory Entitiesat a Significantly Higher Cost

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