• California Dentist Bills State Medi-Cal for 1,000 services…. in One Day!!!

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    And the dentist repeated billing for 1,000 services for 100 days in 2012 alone. It took a federal audit to uncover this??

    A California dentist who treats children under Medicaid billed for more than 1,000 services a day for almost 100 days in 2012. Another provided 33 procedures — including multiple stainless steel crowns and baby root canals — to a 4-year-old during a visit. Another received an extremely high payment per child — $699 compared with a statewide average payment of $166 per child.

    About 8 percent of dentists in California treating children enrolled in Medicaid may be overcharging, raising questions about the quality of care, according to a federal report released to be Monday.

    Auditors for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services identified 329 dentists and six orthodontists with questionable billing. Together, they were paid $118 million for pediatric dental work in 2012.

    In an accompanying response to the report, the California Department of Health Care Services said it will step up monitoring to better identify providers with questionable billing and take action if needed.

    “Step up” indeed… Ecrisez l’infame

    Full story here: Audit questions Medicaid billing by 335 California dentists

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