• Alan Friedman Alert: NASCIO Releases Unmanned Aerial Systems Policy Brief

    May 28th, 2015 by admin Categories: Blogs Tags: , , , ,

    The audience laughed when your TechLeader.TV host asked OTech Director Davood Ghods at a conference last year if he was contemplating a new MSA for drones. Not for the first time, TechLeader.TV was prescient.

    NASCIO released a policy brief on state government use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) today. The paper focuses on the myriad ways UAS are deployed in state government and why state CIOs should be actively engaged in the governance and use of UAS.

    The paper encourages state CIOs to focus on data standardization, privacy, safety, communications infrastructure and security issues when developing a governance model for UAS. The paper also encourages state CIOs to play an active role in the governance process.

    See report here: Unmanned Aerial Systems, Governance and State CIOs: On the Radar

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