• California State Government Email Addresses Linked to Spouse Cheating Ashley Madison Site

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    From Ashley Madison

    From Ashley Madison

    Certain state & local government officials spent an uneasy weekend as reports circulated last Friday that their email addresses were found on the unfaithful spouses’ social media website Ashley Madison which had been recently hacked.

    State IT security officials were reportedly circulating a database list to individual agency IT leadership which contained emails ending in “ca.gov”, the state’s tell-tale web domain suffix.

    At this point, at least for now, it will be up to the individual departments to confront their employees who have been implicated for allegedly using their government computers and/or email for non-official business. Very non-official business…

    Punishment for improper use of state computer systems can run from a simple reprimand to outright dismissal, the latter related to serious, criminal related activities.

    TechLeader.TV believes that the most severe punishment in the state’s Ashley Madison episode may come not from the state, but on the home front, as the names become public.

    No wonder some state officials spent an uneasy weekend…

    A dating website that helps married people cheat has been hit by hackers who threatened to release information about millions of customers. (From Ashley Madison)

    The government email addresses of nearly 50 current and former California state workers were included in a list made public by hackers of users of Ashley Madison, the online dating site for married people.

    Email addresses on the list included those for employees of the state departments of Transportation, General Services, Public Health, Corrections and Rehabilitation, Industrial Relations and Water Resources, as well as the state judiciary.

    Perhaps the biggest surprise was this:

    No elected officials were on the list of government emails.

    Full story here.

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