• Drones Monitor Construction Workers’ Productivity on Sac Kings’ New Arena

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    Is there anything drones can’t do? Monitoring progress, safety and design consistency as well…

    Drones are being used to capture video footage that shows construction progress at the Sacramento Kings’ new stadium in California.

    For some construction workers, any thoughts of slacking off could soon seem rather quaint. The drones will almost certainly notice.

    The workers building a lavish new downtown stadium for the Sacramento Kings in California are being monitored by drones and software that can automatically flag slow progress.

    Once per day, several drones automatically patrol the Sacramento work site, collecting video footage. That footage is then converted into a three-dimensional picture of the site, which is fed into software that compares it to computerized architectural plans as well as a the construction work plan showing when each element should be finished. The software can show managers how the project is progressing, and can automatically highlight parts that may be falling behind schedule.

    Robbie Hunter was unavailable for comment.

    Full story here: New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone

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