• State Auditor on TLTV VOD: Calls out Governor for downgrading CIO’s Office; Stunning Cybersecurity non-compliance; 3 recommendations for State CIO; CalVet’s Homes Information System in Auditor’s Crosshairs; and lots more…

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    ElaineHowle 2The California State Auditor  calls out Governor Brown for removing the California Technology Agency from the Cabinet.

    In addition, Elaine Howle regaled TLTV viewers with other observations on stunning state agencies’ Cybersecurity non-compliance; provided three thoughtful recommendations for improving the State CIO’s Office; warns that the CalVet’s Veterans Homes Information System project in Auditor’s Crosshairs (compares Ew-VHIS to BreEZe Project); lauds legislature’s new Tech aficionados, and lots more….

    The Auditor, in addition to revealing her former professional softball career at third base, the “Hot Corner”, the State Auditor waxed eloquently on a myriad of subjects related to State of California IT.

    Enjoy the show here: VOD – WATCH TechLeader.TV with California State Auditor Elaine Howle

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