• Security Tops List of State CIO Priorities for 2016

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    No surprise:

    Security Tops List of State CIO Priorities for 2016

    As the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) celebrates 10 years of its survey of state information technology leaders on critical state CIO priorities for the coming year, security, cloud services, and consolidation continue to top the list as state CIOs look toward 2016. The prioritized rankings of strategies and technologies reflect voting by state CIOs and are available for download at www.NASCIO.org/topten.

    This year, NASCIO’s annual top 10 ranking shows IT security strategies and tools are at the top of the list across the states, with security topping the list of priority strategies for the third consecutive year. Cloud services and consolidation/optimization traded positions for second and third compared to the previous year.

    What may be a surprise though to TLTV anyway was the fact that this was No. 10: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

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