• Ramos’ Rules: State CIO Lays Out Broad IT Management Reform Environment for 2016

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    Details Far Reaching Initiatives To Finally Get IT Right! Emphasizes Vendor performance scorecard follows in-house IT management reforms.

    Teddy Roosevelt, a whirlwind of action, followed his own advice, stating, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

    Well, as California State CIO Carlos Ramos held forth recently, he can’t be accused of doing nothing.

    Ostensibly billed as the Contractor Performance Evaluation Scorecard (CPES) Vendor Feedback Forum last month sponsored by the Department of Technology and Department of General Services, Ramos took this forum as an opportunity to assuage the more skeptical members of the IT vendor community about the merits of his new vendor scorecard.

    He explained that before focusing on vendor performance, the state had decided to get its own house in order. His presentation laid out the fact that for the past year or more prior to announcing CPES, the state CIO’s Office has initiated the most aggressive IT project management reform efforts in the history of the office perhaps since independent project oversight and IV&V were introduced when I was State CIO two decades ago. See Flynn’s Fundamentals.

    Faced with continuing legislative, media and public skepticism about the state’s ability to manage its annual multi-billion dollar IT investment, clearly something had to be done.

    And Ramos articulated the fact that something, in fact, a lot of things have been done.

    He detailed how these new initiatives covered virtually every aspect affecting IT project management including:

    • Initial project approval in the new STAR and Project Approval Lifecycle programs;
    • New project manager mentoring and a new state career IT project management track;
    • New project management office and a new project consulting SWAT teams to shore up problem projects;
    • New project management Advisory Council and a new project management framework which will establish project management enterprise policies and standards;
    • New IT procurement office moved from DGS to the CIO’s office where it belongs, and
    • A tripling of the State security office’s budget and staff to initiate formal security audits of all state departments.

    The state will undoubtedly continue to see bumps in the IT project management road as it is sometimes the nature of the IT beast. And these reforms, and undoubted new ones will take some time and will ultimately depend on the ability of state officials and vendor partners with the experience and competencies to match their crucial tasks; however, TR’s curse for those who do nothing will be non-applicable given size, scope and targets of… Ramos’ Rules.

    It should be interesting to watch in the months and years ahead.

    We’ll be back to discuss the vendor performance scorecard very soon. Check back later…


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