• State CIO Carlos Ramos Leaving Post; Amy Tong Named Acting State CIO

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    Carlos ramos TLTV Photo

    CIO Ramos On TechLeader.TV

    Apparently the fallout from State Chief Security Officer Michele Robinson’s disastrous appearance before the Assembly Select Committee on Cybersecurity on February 24th continues.

    This morning State CIO Ramos informed his staff at the Department of Technology that he was stepping down. This occurs just one week after Robinson likewise announced her departure from her position as head of the state’s Office of Information Security.

    Amy Tong, currently HHS Agency CIO and Deputy Director of the Office of Systems Integration, will become Acting Director of the Department of Technology…



    1. Bulent Taskan says:

      What a serious, serious loss to the State of CA and it’s citizens. Carlos is revered as one of the most talented and able CIOs in the land.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Why is the State of California CIO office hiding the IT Project details under “IT Project Tracking”? The public deserves to know what the status is of each project! Is the State not providing transparency any longer?

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