• California State Auditor Releases Blistering Report on $28 million CalVet Computer System

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    CalVet_ColorThe State Paid Nearly $28 Million for a Flawed System That Fails to Meet the Needs of Its Veterans Homes

    Will be interesting to see if this audit triggers a review of the impact on services to our state’s veterans similar to the debacle at the federal Veterans Administration. It should, considering this impact affects lives.


    Our audit concerning the development and implementation of the California Department of Veterans Affairs’ (CalVet) Enterprise-Wide Veterans Home Information System (system) revealed the following:

    • The system has not improved the efficiency of the homes’ process for documenting medical care nor has it reduced reliance on paper because of system flaws.
    • System instability and concerns about functionality resulted in CalVet implementing fewer system functions at some homes, thereby limiting CalVet’s ability to provide more efficient care for veterans.
    • CalVet’s project management failed to promptly recognize the severity of the system’s problems and address them.
    • The California Department of Technology (Technology Department) lacked documentation to demonstrate that its efforts to ensure that the settlement with the system contractor was in the State’s best interest.
    • CalVet did not exercise adequate oversight of its system project.
      • It did not complete or partially completed six of the 12 required management oversight plans to ensure effective project management.
      • It hired one contractor to provide both independent project oversight and independent verification and validation services, and those services were inadequate.
    • The Technology Department did not adequately fulfill its oversight responsibilities for CalVet’s system project.
      • It did not identify significant concerns until August 2012, after Cal Vet had already spent $15 million on the system.
    • CalVet’s limited documentation for the selection of the system contractor prevents it from demonstrating it complied with state contracting requirements.
      • It could not provide proposals for six of the seven vendors or the evaluations for three proposals, including the winning proposal.
    • CalVet approved payments totaling $733,000 for some of its key system implementation deliverables but could not provide adequate documentation of receiving these final deliverables.

    See full report here.

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