• FI$CAL’s Public Transparency Requirement Gutted in New Budget Agreement

    June 21st, 2016 by admin Categories: Blogs Tags: , , ,

    As reported in the LAT by Chris Megerian just last week the Gov and the Legislature’s new budget agreement gutted FI$CAL’s operating budget language which FI$CAL with fill Picture1previously had stipulated that FI$CAL would provide a publicly available website to identify specific department budgets and spending transactions, and the reason for the expenditure, along with other comprehensive, detailed data points all available for the public. All for greater transparency, all good stuff, and all are standard data and reporting capabilities of current enterprise financial systems, including FI$CAL, and these capabilities were highlighted every previous year in FISCAL’s ongoing legislation going back to 2011.

    FI$CAL’s contribution to government transparency was one of its major selling points when the DOF was ushering its ever increasing budget through the legislature.

    Not anymore… This isn’t transparency; it’s a war on transparency. And unfortunately its gaining steam…

    See the great story here: Budget deal would drop transparency requirements for new accounting system

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