• Yahoo Hacking: A lesson for state government as well when it comes to security and IT spending priorities…

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    Key point:

    ciso-logo-ois-bannerGoogle hired hundreds of security engineers with six-figure signing bonuses, invested hundreds of millions of dollars in security infrastructure and adopted a new internal motto, “Never again,” to signal that it would never again allow anyone — be they spies or criminals — to hack into Google customers’ accounts.

    Yahoo, on the other hand, was slower to invest in the kinds of defenses necessary to thwart sophisticated hackers that are now considered standard in Silicon Valley…

    In 2013, disclosures by Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor, showed that Yahoo was a frequent target for nation-state spies. Yet it took a full year after Mr. Snowden’s initial disclosures for Yahoo to hire a new chief information security officer, Alex Stamos.

    It does not help that it’s been almost seven months since the State of California “reassigned” its CISO, and the position still remains unfilled on a permanent basis.

    Full NYT’s story here.

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