• Shadowing Oracle CEO Mark Hurd at OpenWorld & His 2025 Predictions

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    Great story. Business Insider reporter Julie Bort spent

    … a full day shadowing Hurd last week at OpenWorld as he met with customers, analysts, and others on the biggest day of the conference.

    During the week, Hurd met with nearly 500 people either in one-on-one meetings or in small groups, answering their questions, solving problems, issuing reassurances, and explaining the company’s plans and strategy — all at a surprisingly exhausting pace.

    It was a rare close-up look at the hard work a CEO does to run global tech company.

    My favorite from his keynote:


    Especially No. 7 – The number of Corporate Datacenters will drop by 80%.

    Government, too?????

    Enjoy the whole thing:

    Secret passages and skipped meals: Oracle’s CEO gave us a rare peek at what it really takes to run a $37 billion company



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