• Affirmative Action in Oakland for its Burgeoning Cannabis Industry

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    The year is still young but this story in SF Chronicle today sets a terribly high standard to beat in utterly, mind-blowing government foolishness. In fact, it reads like something in The Onion…

    Oakland race and equity official reviews cannabis industry

    My favorite parts:

    Her Oakland report, due in February, will look at the effect of the cannabis market on unemployment, poverty, and arrest rates for various race and ethnic groups in Oakland.

    But it remains to be seen whether Flynn’s recommendations will help resolve the council’s months-long battle over how to ensure that African Americans and Latino people aren’t left behind as the pot industry becomes legitimate.

    Lanese Martin, who co-chairs the Oakland Diversity and Equity Cannabis Coalition — an advocacy group that looks out for women, immigrants, and people of color working in the marijuana industry [said], “But in the long term we will get what we want, which is that more entrepreneurs of color become legal.”

    And my person favorite:

    Oakland’s pot battle erupted in May, after the council approved its current permit system… pushed by Councilwoman Desley Brooks, [which] reserves half of the city’s cannabis permits for people who were either jailed on marijuana convictions in Oakland within the past decade, or who have lived for at least two years in a designated East Oakland neighborhood that had high marijuana arrests in 2013.

    What couldgo wrong???   Orwellian, n’est-ce pas? Read the whole thing.

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