• New State Auditor report details flagrant misuse of disabled person parking placards. 35,000 active placards and plates issued to dead people.

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    DMV application and verification process inadequate and local law enforcement spotty.

    DMV has not canceled permanent placards for thousands of individuals who are likely deceased. Although DMV performs a monthly match between state vital records and permanent placard holders, it does not do so with federal records—we identified 35,000 likely matches when we compared placard records to the federal death master file.

    Nearly 3 Million Disabled Person Parking Placards and Plates Were Active as of June 30, 2016

    Most medical providers did not include enough information on applications when certifying disabilities—73% of the applications we reviewed did not fully describe the disability as required.

    When determining their validity and approving applications, DMV does not work with the appropriate health boards that license medical providers.

    The medical provider’s signature on 18% of the applications did not match the signature on file with the appropriate licensing health board.

    Some medical providers that certified the applicant’s disability were not authorized to do so.

    Full Report here.

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