• New bill to axe technology agency moves forward

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    Tardy April Fools’ Day!

    It’s Florida, not California. Sounds familiar though. California killed its Technology Agency in early 2012. One of Governor Browns first acts of his young, second administration.

    Unanimous approval in the House Appropriations Committee was a ‘disappointing’ development for agency leaders.

    The Florida Agency for State Technology (AST) took one step closer to its grave with the unanimous approval of House Bill 5301 in the state House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday.

    The bill, approved 27-0, would terminate the agency and most of its 40-odd employees, placing the remaining seven full-time positions under the Department of Management Services as legislative advisors. If the bill passes, it would mean the fourth incarnation of the state’s technology office in 12 years.

    Fourth State Tech Reorg. Geeeze…

    Full story here.

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