• TechLeader.TV Presents the C-Level Series: ‘2017 : The Year of Ransomware’ with Guest Veeam CTO & Vice President, Danny Allan; AUG 10, 2017; 11:30AM – 12:15PM

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    Introducing TLTV’s New C-Level Series:
    with Industry Leaders from the C Suite  

    2017: The Year of Ransomware

    with Guest

    Veeam Vice President
    Danny Allan 

    As Vice President at Veeam Software, Danny is responsible for envisioning, designing and delivering secure digital infrastructure solutions. He has 20 years of technology and security experience including vulnerability assessments, forensics and penetration testing for Military Intelligence and other sensitive government agencies.   Danny also worked for Carleton University in Canada where he was responsible for secure network design. He holds multiple software patents in the cloud and security field.

    His presentation will describe trends in industry solutions that will optimize state government and other enterprises’ security & systems management by providing best of breed data availability solutions:

    • Downtime – A $22 million problem per occurrence
    • Ransomware – Effective strategies for addressing issue:
      • Proactive, Reactive, Policy Driven
    • Leveraging Backup Data as a new Strategic Asset – Analytics
    • The new C-Level issue
    • Continuous data protection – Real time instead of temporal-based
    • Security vs. Compliance – Are we properly focused?

    Don’t let this happen to your department…

    Ransomware attack puts KQED in low-tech mode

    The journalists at San Francisco’s public TV and radio station, KQED, have been stuck in a time warp. All Internet-connected devices, tools and machinery have been cut off in an attempt to isolate and contain a ransomware attack that infected the station’s computers June 15. More than a month later, many remain offline.  Marissa Lang in the San Francisco Chronicle$ — 7/18/17

    August 10, 2017 

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