• California lawmakers want to know race, ethnicity and sexual orientation of state lobbyists. Are state IT vendors next???

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    The Golden State:

    The heads of six caucuses in the California Legislature are asking lobbying firms to provide them with demographic data – including race, ethnicity, gender and openly gay or lesbian orientation – on their employees.

    A letter sent late last month to more than 400 lobbying firms, associations and major groups that employ lobbyists begins with an admittance that the Legislature itself needs to do more work to accurately reflect the makeup of California residents.

    Leaders of the Legislative Asian Pacific Islander, Black, Jewish, Latino, LGBT and Women’s caucuses provide the number of members [in these demographic categories] in their own groups. They ask the Capitol’s powerful third house to respond with a similar numerical breakdown of staff members at their private companies to help with the “worthy cause” of making California’s workforce representative of its residents.

    See SacBee story here.


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