• Nothing New Here: State Auditor Blasts UC’s HR/Payroll Project; Costs Triple to nearly $1 Billion; $700 Million ROI Disappears

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    The State Auditor today released a new, devastating study focused on the University of California’s HR/Payroll Project UCPath:

    The projected cost of UCPath has more than tripled to an estimated $942 million and the Office of the President no longer expects to realize the original anticipated cost savings of $753 million from staff reductions—none of the three campuses we visited expect staff reductions.

    Last point of little surprise here.

    Find Report here. Pretty typical stuff:

    • Office of the President kept key cost estimates and schedule delays from Regents
    • Office of the President’s project management process is weak and contributed to the UCPath project’s cost increases and schedule delays:
    • UC IT contracting practices included vaguely worded deliverables for milestones which could limit their ability to
      effectively determine when the vendors meet obligations for payment


    Report also states that


    In 2011 the university awarded a contract to Oracle Corporation (Oracle) to develop UCPath. At the time, the Office of the President estimated that development of UCPath would take three years and would cost$170 million to implement, and with other related costs, the project would total $306 million…


    … the Office of the President released Oracle from its role as the implementation lead on the project in 2013 for failure to perform
    under its implementation contract and the Office of the President took over management of the project. Figure 2 also shows that once
    the Office of the President took over leadership, it extended the project implementation date three times…


    …The California Department of Technology does not oversee development of the university’s IT projects. Rather, the university follows its own policies.


    RE: That last point…  The sighs of relief at CDT are audible…


    However, this report should send a shiver down the spines of those in the State Controller’s Office who are planning to resurrect the State’s  22nd Century* HR/Payroll project…
    * Classical Allusion here (borrow with attribution from Instapundit)

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