• California’s Car Tax and Mother Nature May Combine for an Early Christmas Present for the Golden State – $4 a gallon Gas?

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    With California’s new Gas Tax of 12 cents a gallon kicking in this November and more than 15 percent of the nation’s refining capacity shut down in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, California drivers are in for a shock.

    Petroleum analysts predict that refinery disruption would increase gas as much as 25 cents per gallon across the country.

    These two elements would seem to indicate that California gas prices are heading north with some celerity.

    Today, the average price of regular gas in California is $3.09 a gallon, or about 70 cents higher than the national average. Even before the new Car Tax’s gas component, California had one of the highest gas taxes in the country at about 40 cents a gallon — roughly 10 cents more than the national average. And you can stick a lucky 13 cents on to that in nine weeks.

    Come Thanksgiving our prices maybe closer to $4 a gallon than $3.

    And don’t forget the late Xmas gift in store for us come January. DMV’s base registration fee will increase from the current $53 to as much as $173 per car per year.  Merry Christmas…

    And who will be hit the hardest…

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