• Primary Take-Aways from Amy Tong’s Interview on TechLeader.TV Aug 31, 2017

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    • California Officials say “No” to NASCIO attendance;
    • Statewide Telecom leadership introduced;
    • Calnet4 Plans;
    • California’s Latest Cloud Strategy – CLOUD 3.0;
    • Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL) update;
    • Expect more CDT with consultant support Independent Project Oversight reports like the one on FI$CAL;
    • Security compliance improvement involved hard work of many people and organizations – the Four Amigos – CDT, OES, Military & CHP, hope State Auditor agrees;
    • All’s well with CDT & DGS procurement organizations regarding procurement jurisdiction and admin fees, hmmmmmm;
    • Coming this fall, State of California’s new IT Strategic Plan – Vision 2020;
    • As to adopting NASPO procurement schedules, CDT will work with departments to accommodate their needs???, and
    • Finally, at urging of TechLeader.TV, CDT will soon offer small business discounts on the $2,500 per ticket Security Fair at Sac State on OCT 10th.

    Watch the entire interview on:

    VOD: TechLeader.TV with California State CIO Amy Tong, AUG 31, 2017



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