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    Unfortunate to report that no State of California IT officials will be attending the National Association of Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) Annual Conference in Austin, TX this week due to the state’s ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to states that it says have laws discriminating against LGBTQ people.

    Due to California Assembly Bill 1887 and expansion under the State Attorney General, state employees are not permitted to travel on official business to nine states including Texas.

    California IT leaders have been attending NASCIO since its inception almost 50 years ago, never missing a conference. In the last few years a dozen or more state IT leaders were attendees, speakers, panelists and awardees. In fact, CDCR’s IT Project “Virtual Integrated Mobile Office Project (VIMO)” won NASCIO’s 2017 State IT Recognition Award for Cross-Boundary Collaboration & Partnerships, and would undoubtedly have had CDCR representatives there to accept the award.

    In addition as many as 50 IT vendor representatives from California are also there. Many will be indeed frustrated that their planned dinner companions at NASCIO will be stuck in Sacramento. Time to change some reservations…

    Doug Robinson, long-time friend and Executive Director of NASCIO, said it was a very unfortunate development, one that goes both ways, disappointing other attendees who will miss hearing from California officials, and for California IT leaders who will miss the opportunity to stay informed on their colleagues’ developments around the country.

    The fact that the top state IT officials’ travel is paid by NASCIO from dues that the state pays each year apparently did not seem to have any impact on their decision.

    Doug said that 48 state chief information officers would be attending the Austin Conference, the highest turnout ever, and only one, California, was choosing to boycott the event.

    Unfortunately, two years from now the Annual Conference will be in Nashville, TN. And yes, unless something changes, presumably California will boycott the Athens of the South in 2019 as well.

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    Courtesy of Stateline research The Pew Charitable Trust

    Courtesy of Stateline research The Pew Charitable Trust



















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