• DMV Key Contacts

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    Rico Rubiono rrubiono@dmv.ca.gov


    Chief of Staff

    Shannon Walling swalling@dmv.ca.gov



    Rayfield Scott rayfield.scott@dmv.ca.gov


    Computer Operations

    Mark DeLaPena mdelapena@dmv.ca.gov


    Print/Production Support Services Group

    Raul Roa rroa@dmv.ca.gov


    Data Base Administration Group

    Mark Cuomo  mark.cuomo@dmv.ca.gov


    Project Portfolio Group

    Carmen Morrison  cmorrison@dmv.ca.gov


    Project Management Group

    Nanny Bosch nanny.bosch@dmv.ca.gov    


    Application Integration Services Group

    Janelle Dickey jdickey@dmv.ca.gov    


    Product Quality Assurance Section

    Valerie Martin vmartin@dmv.ca.gov    

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