• What are State CIO’s Paid? Is there a CIO Gender Wage Gap?

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    Let’s admit upfront that our analysis was not foolproof.

    But according to the California Department of Technology (CDT) website there are 112 CIO’s in state government. This number includes Agency Information Officers (AIO) as well, who are the Cabinet Agency CIO. In addition several AIO’s wear more than one hat and are the designated CIO for certain departments within their Agency. As a result there are 108 unique CIO’s in state government. The State CIO is not on this website list, and we did not include that position salary for reasons that will become apparent below.

    Breaking these down by gender we find approximately 35 who are ostensibly female at least according to their first names. However, there are at least a half dozen or more whose androgynous first names made gender designation problematic. So for comparison purposes let’s say that about 35% of state CIO’s are female.

    In order to determine any CIO gender wage gap and to simplify our task, we picked the 20 largest state agencies/departments which produced a breakdown of 13 males and 7 females.

    We then went to the SacBee State Worker Salary Database and looked up the salaries of our 20 CIO’s. These salaries in the database are based upon the last full calendar year, 2016,  and contain total, base pay, overtime and other categories. We chose to compare base pay.

    The salaries ranged from a low of $121,000 for a female to $229,000 for a male. The latter figure was actually an outlier, some $70,000 more than the next highest! Consequently, we removed this from our comparison, leaving a range of $121,000 to $158,000, comprised of 12 males and 7 females.

    Calculating the average for both we found that the average male’s base pay was $124,000 and the average female’s $134,000.

    As we indicated, this review was not done by Price-Waterhouse; this was not a scientific study; base pay can be affected if a person has been promoted or appointed during the course of the year; the figures come from the Bee, not directly from the state; and there are probably more reasons for the accuracy of our less than rigorous examination.

    Nevertheless, it does seem to indicate that while the number of female CIO’s may be underrepresented in the larger agencies/departments in state government as a whole, their average wages are higher than males, at least for these 19 large agencies/department.

    Interesting results considering an article by Adam Ashton last year in the Bee which reported that based upon the California Department of Human resources “women in the state workforce earn about 79.5 cents on the dollar compared to men.”

    Finally, we decided to looked at State CIO pay, not only in California but throughout the U.S. According to NASCIO sources, State CIO’s salaries ranged from $98,000 to $206,000 last year with the average being just over $170,000. Since my relatively measly 1999 State CIO salary was about $106,000, the last three State CIO’s have outpaced the national average.

    In 2003, the State CIO’s was appointed with a salary of $175,000, and eight years later the next State CIO received the same amount. The current CIO who was appointed last year ostensibly was shortchanged a bit at only $172,000. But our research also indicated that the State CIO’s organization had been downgraded from an Agency to a department and this could explain the incumbent’s apparent discrepancy in State CIO salaries in California.

    Now for all our hard work, the only question you have is, “Who the hell is making $229,000 a year!”

    by TLTVnews Staff

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