• Over a 2 1/2 year period California DMV employees with unauthorized computer access were selling truck-driving licenses for bribes

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    DMV computer system accessed without authorization for 2 1/2 years to alter license records:

    Two state Department of Motor Vehicle workers have been charged in federal court in Sacramento with taking bribes to alter DMV computer records to provide truck-driving licenses to people who had not passed or, in some cases, not even taken the written or behind-the-wheel driving exams.

    “Scattaglia, Terraciano and the other DMV co-conspirators repeatedly, and without authorization, accessed the DMV computer database and altered DMV records to incorrectly and fraudulently indicate that the truckers had passed the written examinations for Class A, Class B, and/or Class C CDLs…”

    The documents also allege that Scattaglia accessed DMV computers “repeatedly” to alter records to say that drivers had passed behind-the-wheel driving exams when they had either not taken them or passed them.

    Seems like basic security logs and access controls should have detected this easily. Someone not doing their job…

    Read more here.

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