• CIO Governance Still a Challenge for Federal CIOs; States too?

    October 25th, 2017 by admin Categories: Blogs Tags: , , ,

    Article below says it all; CIO governance still a challenge. I’m sure NASA is not the exception… Federal or State

    Little progress on IT governance, says NASA IG

    In 2013 NASA was told to tighten up its IT governance policies and give its CIO greater visibility into IT spending and acquisition decisions. Four years later, an inspector general report cites little progress and wonders whether the agency can effectively oversee its IT assets.

    IG reports have consistently found a disorganized IT hierarchy in which the agency CIO lacks visibility into IT spending and acquisition decisions. The lack of progress in addressing these issues over the years casts “doubt on the [CIO] office’s ability to effectively oversee the Agency’s IT assets,” according to the report.

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