• FCW Article: It’s Hard to Hack a Voting Machine. Or is this just Whistling past the Graveyard?

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    Why it’s harder than you think to hack a voting machine

    Despite the fear and hype, there are several obstacles that make the most direct form of tampering, altering vote counts, extremely difficult.

    However, a closer examination reveals that the most direct form of “hacking an election,” breaking into voting machines and altering vote counts, is a good deal more difficult than the headlines suggest. For instance, while many outlets reported that conference attendees were able to penetrate all 30 machines, less reported was the fact that in the vast majority of cases, hackers needed to have extensive and direct physical access, including taking them apart, in order to find the vulnerabilities that allowed them to access voting software.

    However, according to TLTV sources this is:

    WRONG WRONG WRONG.  Everyone of the machines available in DEF CON this year was broken quickly. and compromised in different ways.  The point should be made that you don’t need to hack the machines from outside when they can be completely corrupted by insiders (with essentially ZERO audit trails, and the practical impossibility of recounts when something goes wrong).

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