• TechLeader.TV 2018 Predictions for State of California

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    DHCS’ data analytics investigation of fraud in California’s $120 Billion annual Medi-Cal Program will be so successful,  uncovering such an astounding level of improper state healthcare provider claims payments, that they may be embarrassed to publicize results.

    State Auditor follows up her devastating 2015 state cybersecurity audit with a glowing, but cautionary assessment of the improvements over the last two years.

    State & local intragovernmental management challenges, recalcitrant and uncooperative growers, and Federal Government prosecutorial threats will severely impact roll-out of legal recreational marijuana operations in 2018, jeopardizing billions of anticipated revenues along with the $1 billion in associated taxes and fees.

    Blockchain will make an appearance in 2018 in state’s procurement strategy.

    FI$CAL, the state’s mega project to replace former DOF Director “Cap” Weinberger’s  state’s financial system, will announce in an early 2018 SPR that its budget will now exceed $1 billion, and will delay final implementation another 12 months, until summer 2018.

    CalGuard’s role in assessing and mitigating State of California cybersecurity risk will win national accolades fostering replication by National Guard organizations across the country.

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